Fort Worth, TX offers endless possibilities when it comes to day trips or affordable weekend getaways, as long as you’re willing to make a short drive. What makes these trips more affordable and convenient is having a vehicle that you can rely on. Cars offer DFW drivers the freedom to explore all sorts of outdoor adventures that are just a short road trip away from Fort Worth. From cool water gardens to beautiful lake views, these top 10 destinations in the DFW area need to be on your list of places to drive to / from Fort Worth 

The Best Parks to Drive To / From Fort Worth

Driving to Fort Worth Water Gardens

About a 15 minute drive from Fort Worth Byrider

If you are looking for one of the most beautiful views in the state and enjoy a good water feature or two, the Fort Worth Water Gardens are like any other park in the area. Across four-acres of water features you can explore pools, fountains, and unbelievable views. The Active Pool features a water fall down 40 feet of steps into a central pool. Or you can take a more relaxing break in the mediation pool. This is a free park open to the public.

Driving to Eagle Mountain Park

Just a quick 30 minute drive up 820 from Fort Worth Byrider

If you are looking for a park that offers hiking and amazing views, Eagle Mountain Park is a great destination for your everyday adventurer. Across 400 acres you can explore over five miles of hiking made up of six interconnected trails. For the best view of Eagle Mountain Lake, take the Overlook Trail. Not only is this park free to visitors, but it is open seven days a week. 

Driving to Trinity Park

About a 15 minute drive from Fort Worth Byrider

Located alongside the Trinity River, you can enjoy a variety of outdoors activities when you visit Trinity Park. Whether you want to fish, bike, hike, relax while the kids enjoy a good playground, or even ride a miniature train, you can do it all in one place. Also located here is the Fort Worth Botanic Garden which features 110 acres of 22 specialized gardens. The park is free, but the Botanic Garden does require an entrance fee of $12 for adults and $6 for kids (5 and under get in free).

Driving to Dream Park

About a 15 minute drive from Fort Worth Byrider

For the ultimate playground experience for your kids, Dream Park offers play equipment for children of all abilities. Some of these play areas include a seated zip line with a harness, rubber surfaces for easy wheelchair access, musical elements, and a roller slide for children with hearing devices. Dream Park is located in Trinity Park, so access is free.

The Best Lakes To Drive To / From Fort Worth

Driving to Lake Worth

About a 10 minute drive from Fort Worth Byrider

For a quick day trip that includes beautiful views and a way to cool off, Lake Worth is the perfect destination. Located a short drive from downtown Fort Worth at the fork of the Trinity River, Lake Worth offers hiking and a variety of wildlife. Nearby you can also find the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge where you can learn more about local wildlife conservation. 

Driving to Eagle Mountain Lake

A pleasant 30 minute drive from Fort Worth Byrider

If you want a little more adventure in your lake getaway, a quick drive North of Fort Worth is Eagle Mountain Lake. Across 9,000 acres you can enjoy a variety of water sports, boating, and several hiking trails with breathtaking views. If you want more than a quick day trip, take advantage of the available camp sites and lake homes that offer amazing views of the lake. 

Driving to Benbrook Lake

Just a 20 minute drive from Fort Worth Byrider

If you are looking to slow things down a bit and enjoy a quiet lake experience, Benbrook Lake is known for its tranquil feel and variety of laid back experiences. You can enjoy a peaceful picnic while camping, bird watch, and fish. Fishermen come from all over to catch one of the many varieties of fish home to this lake: largemouth bass, crappie, and catfish. 

The Best Hiking Spots in the Fort Worth Area

Driving to Spring Creek Forest Preserve Trail Hike

This hike is a one hour drive from Fort Worth Byrider

Spring Creek Forest Preserve Trail is an easy trail for all skill levels. Even though it’s located just outside of the busy city of Dallas, you will experience a quiet and tranquil hike through this beautiful overgrown forest. Features of the trail include both paved and unpaved areas. It’s also dog friendly, so you can take your furry friends with you. 

Driving to Katy Trail Hike

About a 45 minute drive down I-30 from Byrider Fort Worth.

One of the most well known and popular trails in DFW is the Katy Trail. This trail is an easy path that takes you through parts of Dallas where you can enjoy a variety of attractions as you explore, from wildflowers to local bars. Whether you are taking a nightly stroll, looking for a quick jog, or want to take your furry friend for a walk, this trail is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

Driving to North Shore Trail Hike

About a 45 minute drive away from Fort Worth Byrider

If you want a longer hiking trail that offers breathtaking views, the North Shore Trail is a favorite destination. Grapevine Lake is known for its beauty and this trail offers the best unobstructed views. You can also enjoy a thrill if you are into mountain biking or you can sit back and watch the pros in action. The best times to visit this trail are in early spring or fall.