Byrider believes that everyone deserves a chance to qualify for financing on a great vehicle — regardless of credit history or credit score. Buy here pay here dealerships understand your unique situation and can help you get the car you need.

Traditional vs. Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

Not sure if a buy here pay here dealership is right for you? Traditional dealerships are a solid choice for car buyers with a steady income, above-average credit score, and cash for a down payment. However, their loans are approved through outside institutions who make the final decision whether you’re qualified.

For the millions of Americans who struggle with bad credit or no credit, buying a car at a traditional dealership can be impossible. Buy here pay here dealerships offer a simpler alternative to traditional car buying.

Byrider is a buy here pay here dealership. We provide our customers with affordable, flexible financing through our in-house lending department. No outside institutions tell us who we can and can’t lend to. Whether you’ve got bad credit or no credit, we want to work with you!

History of Bankruptcy and Repossession

Those with a history of bankruptcy or vehicle repossession face a different obstacle when trying to finance a car. Since bankruptcy and repossession have bigger impacts on your credit, you are less likely to qualify for financing at a traditional dealership. This means that you have fewer options to get the vehicle you need.

A history of bankruptcy and repossession doesn’t mean you can’t qualify for a pre-owned car at a buy here pay here dealership. Byrider is happy to offer a reliable, in-house financing to those who have a history of bankruptcy, repossession or other serious credit issues.

Quick and Simple Financing

One of the biggest advantages of working with a buy here pay here dealership is the fast approval process. Since Byrider doesn’t rely on outside banks, we can streamline the approval process to save you time and energy. Some customers can get same-day approvals for as little as $0† down!

Down Payments as Low as $0

No cash on hand for a big down payment? No problem! At Byrider, some of our buyers can qualify for financing with as little as $0† down. You can hold onto your paycheck and get behind the wheel of a great pre-owned car!

Is a Buy Here Pay Here Car Loan Right for You?

Still not sure that shopping at a buy here pay here dealership is the right choice for you? If you are on the fence, consider the following six benefits of scheduling an appointment at your local Byrider today:

  1. Get it done. Buying a car through a traditional dealership can take time – a lot of time. That might be time that you can’t afford to spend trying to close a deal on the purchase of a vehicle. If you are in a hurry for one reason or another, shopping at a buy here pay here lot like Byrider is the obvious choice.
  2. Work on that credit score. If you would like to improve your credit score moving forward, buying from a buy here pay here lot – and then making all of your payments on time – is a great way to go. There are many possible benefits to having a higher credit score, and shopping with us is a solid first step. At Byrider we report your payment activity, so full, timely payments can help you improve your score.
  3. Easy approval. This is one of the main reasons to shop at Byrider. If you’ve been turned down previously for an auto loan at a traditional dealer, shop with Byrider for a new way of doing business.
  4. Custom payment plan. We want your car loan to work for you. That means we can customize your payment schedule to match up with the times of the month when you will have funds available.
  5. Affordable down payments. At Byrider, down payments can be as low as $0†. Even if you need to put a little money down to close the deal, we like to keep this requirement as modest as possible to help you get out on the road.
  6. The transportation you need. You need a trustworthy set of wheels to get around town to everywhere you need to go. Byrider will help you find the right car at the right price so you can get on with your life.