Looking to Buy a Car with Bad Credit?

At Byrider, we understand that you are more than a credit score. You are an individual with many different qualities that make you who you are. You can trust that we won’t make a decision on credit score alone and will work hard to make financing a possibility. Don’t let a bad credit background keep you from financing a used vehicle — we would love to help you today.

Your Credit History is Not Your Credit Future

Late payments on bills are not uncommon. If you have missed a payment from time to time, you are not alone. It happens to the best of us. And chances are, those single late payments didn’t have too much of an effect on your credit score.

But an auto loan may be more difficult if you have a major mark such as bankruptcy or repossession. These events slash your credit score and leave a mark on your credit report that makes many lenders extremely hesitant (if not totally unwilling) to offer you a loan.

But don’t give up! Don’t assume that the denial of your application at one dealership means you can’t buy a used car anywhere. That doesn’t have to be the case! At Byrider, we will do our best to get you approved so you can drive away in the vehicle you need. While financing isn’t guaranteed, you can be sure we will do our best to make it happen.

We take many factors into consideration when getting you financed for financing. We look at your income, your monthly budget, and more to make sure financing makes sense for your situation. Once you’re approved, we’ll give you options so you can be confident you’re making the right choice.

But don’t just take our word for it. If you have questions on the process, request an appointment or stop by one of our dealerships to find out more today!

Build Confidence and a Better Future with Byrider

We’re not only in the business of selling cars; we’re here to help put your past behind you so you can move forward. Let our experience, dedication, and commitment to your future get you into your next car today.

Here is How Byrider Can Help:

  1. Buying a used car through a traditional dealership can take time – a lot of time. That might be time you can’t afford to spend trying to close a deal on the sale of a vehicle. If you are in a hurry for one reason or another, shopping at a buy here pay here lot like Byrider is the best choice.
  2. Improving your credit score. Buying a car from a buy here pay here lot – and making your payments on time – is a great way toward improving a credit score. There are many possible benefits to having a higher credit score, and shopping with us is a solid first step toward getting there.
  3. Easy approval. This is one of the main reasons to shop at Byrider. If you have been declined for an auto loan at a traditional dealer, shop with Byrider for a new way of doing business.
  4. Custom payment plan. We want your car financing to work for you. We can customize your payment schedule to match the times when you will have funds available.
  5. Low down payments. At Byrider, down payments can be as low as $0. Even if you need to put a little money down, we like to keep this amount as low as possible to help you get out on the road.