At Byrider, we try to keep the initial cost needed to get the keys to your vehicle low. Cars break down without warning, leaving you with no vehicle to get to where you need to go. This also leaves you with the trouble of having to buy a replacement quickly. We know you don’t always have time to budget when you’re buying a car. That’s why we try to keep your loan and down payments low.

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Budget

1. Take Control of Your Budget

To control your budget, you first need to know what it is. Write down every source of income you have, from jobs to child support payments, on the left side of a piece of paper. On the right side, list everything you spend it on, from your usual morning coffee to your cell phone bill. By adding up the right side and subtracting it from the left side, you can see how much you should have left every month.

2. Avoid Extra Expenses

Crash diets never work. In the same way, neither does cutting out all unnecessary spending. Keep things you get the most pleasure from that cost the least. But cut big budget items or the little things that add up but don’t add to your happiness.

3. Keep Your Favorite Indulgences

Some things can make or break a week. For example, if you treat yourself to fast food once a week, don’t skip it to save up money for your used car. The enjoyment you get from it is worth the money you’ll spend. But, if you’re hitting the steakhouse once a week, you may consider cutting back to once a month as a treat.

4. Create a Social Schedule

Most social events cost more money than you would spend on yourself. Plan a list of activities you can do that won’t cost much money. For instance, meeting for coffee instead of dinner or having a game night instead of going out for a movie.

5. Have a Goal

It’s easier to save money and say no to extra spending when you have a clear goal in mind. For you, it may be a reliable used car. Visualize yourself in the car whenever you’re tempted to spend a little extra money. Weigh whether delaying that goal is worth the treat you’re considering.